Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reviews:: Jim Bryson and Shuyler Jansen live @ the Media Club

Ah, Vancouver. When will you ever learn?  Last night, the Media Club played host to two great Canadian artists, and only about 25 people bothered to show. Jim Bryson is as talented as a musician as their is in the biz today, sharing the stage as part of the Weakerthans, Howie Gelb, and Kathleen Edwards road shows, as well as writing his own amazing "slice of Canada" tracks. 

Where the Bungalows Roam was one of my favorite records last year, and Shuyler's latest solo record delivered some huge tracks like the emotional epic Pegasus and the organ heavy Don't Ask Why. Last night the two friends really offered up a treat for the people who showed. Instead of playing sets, the two simply traded songs and stories taking breaks for beers, bathroom visits or just to talk about their love of sweater vests.

It was super refreshing to see two artists open up and watch them fiddle with electronics or trying to play along with each other's songs. It was a very "casual Friday" feel, and exactly what you need on a shitty, cold night. Both being natural story tellers and performers, they made trips to the mall or buying seasons of Murder She Wrote engaging. The both played a terrific collection of songs, but really what they played was only a small part of the equation.

[MP3]:: If By the Bridge - Jim Bryson & Shuyler Jansen
[MP3]:: Somewhere Else - Jim Bryson & Shuyler Jansen
[MP3]:: Don't Ask Why - Shuyler Jansen & Jim Bryson

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At 1:31 AM, Anonymous steve did sayeth:

jim's a pal from back home. tried my best to make it out, alas freelance work has its downfalls sometimes when it comes to timelines.


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