Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reviews:: Laura Barrett Earth Sciences

It's a perfect time for Laura Barrett's solo EP - Earth Sciences - to be re-released. Her quirky voice and proficiency with the kalimba fits nicely into the niche carved out by Joanna Newsom and the success of the Hidden Cameras will certainly help get her name out, as will signing with Canadian indie launching pad PaperBag Records.

All of these things are all well and good, but to be fair to Laura there is a lot to like about her. Musically, she's found a path that not many people would follow. I mean, if you asked me what I thought about kalimba, I'd probably ask if he was one of the African power forwards Georgetown had playing with Ruben Boumje-Boumje in the 90s. It's actually an African thumb piano and Barrett uses it to weave whimsical folk tapestries. The melodies force you into an almost hypnotic trance, which really contrast the nonsensical sci-fi lyrics she tends to write.

Another reason people will gravitate to her is she has that library girl coolness. In a time where musicians seem to be stamped out from a mold, Barrett is quite content to go her own way. She looks at home in her retro glasses and vintage clothing. She can take an obscure instrument and use it to transform a nerdy Weird Al Cover (Smells Like Nirvana) and make the whole experience fun and completely her. Never to you think this is a gimmick or she's trying too hard.

For people already hip to her songs, the EP throws in a remix of Stop Giving Your Children Standardized Tests, but loses the intimate charm of the hand stitched covers. Anyway, not to sound too Paula Abdul, but Laura is a true original and deserves the attention she will get from the re-release of her EP.

[MP3]:: Deception Island optimist Club
[Video]:: Robot Ponies

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