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All right, this has been a hectic week for me, I haven't had much time for the hill, so I wanted to brighten up your Friday with something enjoyable. A couple weeks ago I did a version of our regular Old School Monday section dedicated to Delicious Vinyl. After that post, someone who works with DV sent me a link to Fatlip's Top Ten Delicious Videos of all time.

The video is hosted by Fatlip, which makes sense, and a lady friend of his who I don't know. They're eating a pizza in what appears to be the Delicious Vinyl file room. They have a little banter in between songs, and we get Fatlip's take on all the songs, it's pretty good stuff. So please watch and enjoy. If you care, below the video are my unfiltered thoughts, which I, uhh, thought, while watching it.

I totally forgot about The Brand New Heavies Heavy Rhyme Experience, where they laid the tracks for some of the day's best MC's, but Bonafied Funk made me go find it. The beat is plenty funky, but Large Pro simply kills it. "Brand New Heavies, play the shit that people used to listen to in 70's Chevies". If you don't think LP is vastly underrated as far as hip hop history goes, I think you might be overrated.

Sittin' On Chrome is an excellent song, but the video is a little dated at this point, in a Rump Shaker kind of way. I might've went with Saturday Nite Live, in fact I did for my DV inspired edition of Old School Mondays.
Passin' Me By prompts this exchange between Fatlip and his co-host: "Who was the dopest Ethiopian? It was a girl I never really met, who I was kind of admiring from afar, but not really like stalking her. That's stalking. Well, if you want to get technical, yeah."

I really don't know what to say about What's Up Fatlip. I mean based on the top 10 video, he seems to be in good health and doing well, but when I first saw this video, I was pretty sure he was actually a crackhead. But that was the intent I guess, that Spike Jonze is a hell of a director!

After his co-host mentions that they used to play Funky Cold Medina at her elementary school dances, but no one would ask her to dance, Fatlip says the same thing used to happened to him, but he just danced by himself. He then shows off the dance he made up to Funky Cold Medina, which Soldier Boy in turn stole from him. There is court action pending apparently.

I have not seen the Video for Funky Cold Medina in decades, but I know this: Tone's black, leather-esque Adidas track-suit pants and black, "TEXAS" tank top ensemble is pretty badass.

Funky Cold Medina was a huge hit in the 80's, I suppose now it would still be huge amongst the date-rape enthusiasts.

While introducing Bust A Move, Fatlip is not impressed to discover that Def Jef is not in the top 10. The list is billed as Fatlip's top 10, I'm sure the stupid camera guy who typed up the list omitted Def Jef. I never noticed before, but the party scenes in Bust A Move kind of look like a cross between Dee-Lite's The Groove Is In The Heart and Hey Ladies. Do with that what you will.

It strikes me that not enough of today's rappers use the word "Fatso", come on folks, let's bring it back, eff the PC Police!

Drop is just a tremendous video and song, just hard to top. Nuttiness and reverse mode is an eternally winning combo. Much to the Ack's chagrin though, Fatlip doesn't shout out Adrock & Mike D's cameos.

According to Fatlip, Tone Loc's Wild Thing was such a huge hit it ended up in the Guinness Book of World Records, it even surpassed the Beatles. It's surprising that Tone was a big enough Robert Palmer fan to pay homage to his Addicted To Love video. His DJ with the mobile turntable returns in this video, I'm pretty sure a lot of my friends believed this contraption was real, I'm only kind of sure that I didn't also believe that.

Thankfully for all Def Jef fans, Fatlip makes time at the end to include Def Jef's Droppin' Rhymes On Drums. This video doesn't make much sense, but it's really an awesome song. The Soul Brothers showcase some tremendous backup dancemanship, and although Def Jef can rhyme his ass off, his dancing is a little suspect. He also sports one of the baddest Members Only jackets ever. "like a liquid, with high liquidity" - simply a tremendous line.

MP3:: Fatlip - What's Up Fatlip
MP3:: The Pharcyde - Drop
MP3:: The Brand New Heavies & Large Professor - Bonafied Funk
MP3:: Def Jef - Droppin' Rhymes On Drums

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