Saturday, March 1, 2008

Live:: Laura Gibson live in Paris

Seriously. Hush Records might be the most consistent folk label in the business. I mean, Loch Lomond, Casey Dienel, Nick Jaina and Norfolk and Western are bands I dig, but Laura Gibson is the shining star for me.

So I was more than happy to see, Hush was nice to post a recording of Laura and Sean Ogilive playing an intimate set for Hinah. After falling in love with If You Come to Greet Me, I've been waiting (impatiently) for her new record so this little appetizer is a nice treat. It's raw and rough, but very beautiful.

[MP3]:: A Good Word, An Honest Man
[MP3]:: Broken Bottle
[MP3]:: Nightwatch
[MP3]:: Sleeper
[MP3]:: Hands in Pocket
[MP3]:: Shake Sugaree
[MP3]:: Come by Storm
[MP3]:: This Is Not The End

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