Friday, March 14, 2008

News:: SXSW Basketball & Insulin Party

By all accounts, SXSW is an amazing event. It is clearly the event of the year for many/most people in the American (perhaps North American) music biz. Zillions of bands head down, so there's literally 100's of amazing shows, free events hosted by labels, PR firms, companies of all sorts. There's BBQ and beer. Really, it seems like the perfect event, with little to no downside. Oh, well there is one negative I can think of: not going.

That is the boat the Ack and I find ourselves in: receiving tons of emails about awesome events at a festival we aren't attending. Oh well, as Ray would say, if we were to discuss this particular issue with him, "way she goes boys, way she goes". So if you've been wondering why no SXSW coverage here on the hill, that's why. Our sulkiness about not attending has prevented us from talking about it. Or laziness. One of the two.

Anyway, Canadian distributor Outside Music (along with CBC Radio 3 and Exclaim!) is putting on a big party tomorrow, which is called the Basketball & Insulin Party. The idea being Canadians invented both, so this is a celebration of Canadian Innovation. Or something. Anyway, I like the idea, the poster is solid, and there are a couple of very talented ladies representing the Halifax scene playing the event (Rebekah Higgs & Jill Barber) along with legendary can-alt-rockers The Sadies, so I thought I'd mention it. It's certainly late notice, so if you aren't already in Austin, your chances of making the show are a little slim. If you are there though, I'd check this one out.

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