Old School Mondays:: Pudgee, Kool Moe Dee & Run DMC (Checkin' Out the Ave Edition)

Today's edition of OSM doesn't make much sense, or rather it's one which makes perfect sense to me, but likely not to others. Last week the Ack made some mention of "Checking out the avenue" or some such, and I only think of one song in such a circumstance: Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard's Checkin' Out The Ave. It's a great, semi-obscure golden age song, with a super catchy sample which insists you "Got to check out the avenue". This got me thinking about other avenue-related songs, and this brought two songs to mind, Kool Moe's The Avenue and Run DMC's The Ave.. Definitely a fun group of songs, so enjoy.

MP3:: Pudgee - Checkin' Out The Ave.
What can I say about Pudgee that hasn't been said already? Bit of humor there, as like 80% of the people reading this are likely saying "What has been said about Pudgee?". Well, Pudge did some work as a ghostwriter, got himself hooked up with the Trackmasters, and they in turn produced this album. Like too many MC's from that time period, Pudgee was one and done on the album front, but he was a solid MC with a confident flow and plenty of witty lines. This was kind of a big song back in the day, it certainly lured me into buying a copy of Give 'Em The Finger, so enjoy.

MP3:: Kool Moe Dee - The Avenue
The man known as Moe Dee rules for many reasons. I detailed many of those reasons during our famous Kool Moe Dee week in 2006. When I was thinking of songs for this ave-based OSM, I thought this song used the same sample as Pudgee's jam, but now I'm not sure. Oh well, no-matter, it's still awesome with Kool Moe's generic tales of life on the streets in the hood:

They don't understand how I've got so much cash
Then I get mad and tell them to ask
Their daughter
I bet she bought a
Kool Moe Dee tape
For her recorder

There's nothing I can add to that kind of excellence.

MP3:: Run DMC - The Ave.
This is from Run DMC's ill-fated Back From Hell, an album I enjoyed but was kind of a flop and kind of put them into a hiatus until they made a successful comeback, Down With The King style. Anyway, this was a weird time for Run DMC, hip hop was changing and they were trying to find out where they fit in. They ditched the rock riffs, tried out new jack swing sounds, and got Jam Master Jay (RIP) some mic time for the first time. Didn't work for some folks, but I remember listening to it plenty after it dropped. This is a great song in my opinion, with its chaotic beat and sirens going off in the background - it captures that "ave" vibe more than cool Moe's track. "My man from Japan got vicc'd for sure!" Word.

Video:: Pudgee - Checkin' Out The Ave.

Video:: Run DMC - The Ave.

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