Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick hitters:: The Golden Hands Before God

When we made the Ontario mix tape, most people were pretty much in agreeance with the bands we chose. But it was pretty obvious (thanks to Matthew, the notorious R.O.B., and Paul) that we missed the boat on The Sunparlour Players - which were only dropped at the last minute to get some hip hop on - and Windsor's The Golden Hands Before God.

Luckily, we were able to rectify the latter with a few quick emails. God bless thee Internet. GHBG are almost finished with their new EP - Here (out on Pop Echo records in May) - and sent along a couple of unmastered tracks to excite our aural palettes. Right off the bat I must say, if these aren't even finished, the end results should be something worth hearing. A dense, warm dreamy fuzz surrounds Sean Barry's vocals, but the tracks have some nice muscle as well.

You get caught up in the head nod state that bands like Mazzy Star and BJM do so well. They play the type of songs that leave your feet cemented to the floor, eyes closed just soaking it all in as you explore your subconscious. The subtle textures of acoustic, electric and percussion weave around each other, and from the country-tinged acoustic that starts Interlude to the slow burning build and shimmering textures, not a note seems wasted or out of place. And this is all before the levels have been fixed.

We are big enough to admit when we make a mistake, and omitting the GHBG certainly was just that. I am already dusting off a spot on my best EP of '08 list for this one.

[MP3]:: Interlude (unmastered)
[MP3]:: One Fine Morning (unmastered)


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At 11:56 AM, Anonymous matthew did sayeth:

These guys are so great, both on record (from what they've sent me) and live. I can't wait for the EP!


At 2:11 PM, Blogger The R.O.B. did sayeth:


btw/ never thought of going by the 'Notorious' before... I like it.


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