Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick-hitters:: Langhorne Slim

Following up Shane's talking points post on Rollie Pemberton, I'm going to make mention of the new record from Langhorne Slim. He seems to be getting the glossy blog treatment, to which I say, good for him. He got signed to V2 and they shit the bed with him, but it seems Kemado sees the talent of the young man from PA. The record isn't even out yet and he's already got a Letterman slot tonight.

I'm really intrigued by the new song that's been released. The Rebel Side of Heaven shows Slim moving away from his amazing one man band style into a sound that is beefed up and full like a dude who ate too many tacos. I mean the man was possessed, nothing more than a guitar and a bowler hat, and now he's got drums, horns, stand up bass and keys. It's going to be exciting to get the full length and see where he goes.

Video:: Black Cab Session


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