Quick hitters:: Olivier Jarda

I have to be honest. We were going to go with BC before we jumped to New Brunswick on the herohill mix tape project. We teetered on the edge, but I really wanted to talk about Olivier Jarda, so I tried to gently nudge Shane in that direction. Jarda's latest release - Diagrams - is quite simply put, a hidden treasure.

Diagrams is a surprisingly sophisticated release full of melodic indie rock songs. Well that is as generic as a description as it get, Jarda's songs are anything but. Truncated strums make you nod along to the title track, and over the course of the LP Jarda offers up some pleasant surprises (like the nice females vocals on Don't Wake the Baby). His tight melodies have just enough fuzz and drone to give these introspective songs an edge, but the piano lines that dance in the background keep you emotionally attached.

While Jarda's songs have that bounce (Victorian Faces), he can draw you in with the sparest of songs. With Flashing Lights is nothing more than his voice and an acoustic and he shows his charisma. Short story even shorter... Jarda is going to be one of the focal points of the New Brunswick mix tape, so why not get on board early?

[MP3]:: Don't Wake the Baby


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