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There are just way too many good Canadian bands for a simple two-man shop to cover fully. Shane and I try to take our time and write full reviews for each release we talk about, but it means we really can't cover all of the bands that we should.

So, we there's going to be a little change in style, like Son of Bazerk. We're still going to write full reviews, but also just point out some Canadian bands you might be into. The first quick hitting fly by is dedicated to Reels; a terrific Haligonian country/roots band led by Craig Buckley and fellow Guthries members Ruth Minnikin and Brian Murray.

Their '07 release - Autumn Country - was one that definitely should have gotten more ink time here on herohill but I never got around to reviewing it. It's an incredibly solid listen from start to finish, and my favorite track - Stereo Typical - glistens with a Tom Petty / Traveling Wilbury's vibe. The harmonies and hand claps that creep in are fantastic and is a great showcase of how well these musicians work together.

[MP3]:: Stereo Typical

@ 1:06 AM, Anonymous dannyspkrspkr kicked the following game:

Wow! This is pretty cool! The vocals do sound very Tom Petty, which is awesome.


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