Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reviews:: Make Believe Going to the Bone Church

Probably because I'm old as dirt and love to reminisce, but I can remember the exact period in my life when I started ripping through the Jade Tree catalog. The local record store in Pittsburgh - Brave New World represent - helped my obsession, but pretty well anything attached to a Kinsella was must have. Whether it be Cap n' Jazz, The Owls, Joan of Arc (who are back it seems!) or American Football, having their name attached meant I'd shell out the duckets to support the project. I guess I was like the Weinsteins to their Matt and Ben.

Anyway, big news out of Tim Kinsella's camp. Make Believe is releasing the new record (despite Tim leaving the band to stay at home and avoid the rock n' roll existence). So it's a bit of good news (new JoA record and new Make Believe record), bad news (no touring) situation. But this is a review, not a history listen, so I digress.

Going to the Bone Church is pretty well all things good in music if you ever fell in love with quirky guitar lines and obscure, yelping vocals. Somehow this foursome makes completely inaccessible music you can't escape from and get consumed in. Make Believe put together 10 songs that challenge you but also reward you. One listen to the frantic intro to Taste, Touch, Smell, Deceit and Touch might confuse people, but the band brings the chaos back into a funky head nodder that balances out the data driven computer sounds. Even typing that, I realize how bizarre that must sound, but it's probably my favorite track on this record.

It's really too bad this band is losing Tim, because they really deliver on the record. The way Sam Zurick's guitar works perfectly with Nate's drumming and wurlitzer and Bobby Burg's bass lines (Sam Rollerskating Backwards would be almost as enjoyable as an instrumental) simply adds to Tim's trademark vocal intonations and improvisations (like the yells and breathes on Wearin' Torn).

The record flies by, which is probably the most shocking feat when you consider the complexity and chaos the band exists in. It's moments like the BARR-like spoken word that surface on the title track over the howls and congos or the oddly hypnotic reworking of the Stones classic Satisfaction (I Can't Understand instead of I Can't Get No) that work as much needed change ups to the constant assault on your ears.

Chances are, if you like anything the Kinsella family has done, you are going to love this record. If not, well, I think you are missing out on some terrific songs. This record is going to be available on vinyl only (or digital of course), and might be the last time this talented group does anything together. Here's a little preview for you; the super addictive For Lauri Bird and Just Green Enough.


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At 6:53 PM, Blogger Sea Thief did sayeth:

They're not losing Tim, that happened before they made "Going To The Bone Church". Also JoA is set for two tours coming up soon, one here and one in Japan.


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