Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Heath Street

Nicola and I are planning a substantial road trip. The type where you are in the car watching scenery whip by, daring you to stop and snap a picture. Part of my job, as usual, is to make sure the music is hooked up. There is something about upbeat folk that seems to be the records we both gravitate whenever the odometer starts turning and we dive deep into the small Canadian towns most people fly right through.

Heath Street is a folk/pop outfit from New York whose influences shine through brightly. The self-titled record starts with Yellow Shoes, and you can't help but think about James Taylor. The weightless finger picking and drums are smile inducing and provide a nice backdrop for frontman Scott Fahan's story. The band supports him nicely, especially when the piano twinkles in the background. The dueling acoustics on Song for Jim Carroll follows the same path, but adds some xylophone and a bit more soloing.

For the most part, it's really easy to let this record play. Really, the only major stumble is when the the band tries to shift into a more radio friendly, pop style. They abruptly change the vibe of the record on piano ballad Falling Softly. While it does force the listener to pay attention to the different sounds, I really think the boys do better when they are in a more 70's inspired folk mode (like the mandolin laced Cambridge Song). Either way, Heath Street is a nice morning wake up call and some of these tracks will be played to death when we get in the car.


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At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Marc Xavier LeBlanc (aka bones) did sayeth:

yeah you can really hear the James Taylor influence in that Heath Street tune. if you dig that upbeat folk... you should check out Melpo Mene from Sweden... he has a few mellower folk tunes but i really like "holes" and "Hello Benjamin" or his mellower "i adore you" and "good with the mothers". check him out:

or also check out another swedish band called Kandahar i really dig their song "I'm a savage singing the blues" for driving:

always in photo and music,

marc... aka bones


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