Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: The HILOTRONS

It seems like forever since the Ottawa's HILOTRONS released a record. Really, it's only been about two years, but Happymatic really makes this fan think the wait was worth it. The album starts with a bang, as the band finds their swagger on the catchy as hell Lost In Yichang.

Then, over the next 12 songs the band explores every and every influence they have. Ska, punk, rock, surf rock, 80's pop... well, you get the idea. While it might think the result would be fragmented, the pieces fit together well and makes for an incredibly entertaining listen. A perfect example is the reggae tinged Dominika - clocking in at only 1:37 the melody makes you reminisce about bands like the Clash and the Jam, but before the dust settles they quickly jump into the crunchy, dance melodies of Lovesuit. And that's just it. The frantic transitions and herky jerky movements work perfectly. They can shift from shimmery synth pop (Caught on Video and Girls) to the Cansecos-like Comrade Elvis and never once does it seem forced.

I originally thought I'd give this record the full review treatment, but really all I kept coming up with was how fun the experience is. It will put the pep in your step, take you on a musical history tour and push you into the future with sci-fi tales. From the smooth flow of Deep Water (which incidentally, sounds better than any of the Neon Bible songs to me) to the hand clap, synth rhythms of Emergency Street, the HILOTONS never let up. If you can't join the party, something might be wrong with you.

[mp3]:: Dominika

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At 9:05 PM, Blogger Allan did sayeth:

I think I got a few e-mails promoting the Hilotrons. I think I was turned away with the lack of available media for me to see (just one available mp3).

I'll give them more of a chance since you decided to hype them randomly with a comment on my blog :).


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