Tuesday, April 8, 2008

News:: Happy Bird-day Dennis

Today is the Ack's 33rd birthday, a milestone we've dubbed the Bird Birthday, for obvious, dirt-stached reasons. In my opinion, such a day must be celebrated with another viewing of Larry Legend's highlight montage from the best NBA video ever made, NBA Superstars. Larry performs his slow-motion wizardry to JC Mellencamp's Small Town, so I thought it would make sense to find a cover of that jam to post with the video. A good plan in theory, but it seems no one has covered the song, so I needed to find a plan B that was cobbled together even hastier than plan A.

So, the only song that came to mind was something we were sent recently, a little ditty called Small Town USA, by someone called Foul Mouthed Jerk and featuring Master Ace. This song has nothing to do with birthdays, or Bird, but it's by a guy named Foul Mouthed Jerk, and this kind of non-sensical connection fits our steez quite well. Plus the beat is decent, and a Master Ace appearance is always welcome around these parts.

Also, The Superfantastics are playing St. James Hall in Vancouver with Julie Doiron tonight, so if you're in Vancity and looking for a way to ring in the Ack's birthday, this seems as good a way as any. In honour of that and to recognize one of the first warm days we've had down here, you can also sample The Superfantastics Rites Of Spring from their latest EP Choose Your Destination.

I'm sure the readers of the hill join me in wishing the Ack a big happy birthday.

Video:: NBA Superstars - Larry Bird

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