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Old School Mondays:: Laquan & MC Lyte (Wolf & Epic Edition)

In last week's MC Serch-themed installment of OSM, I mentioned production duo Wolf & Epic, who did a few of the tracks on Serch's album. I mentioned them mainly because I found out their first production job was Laquan's debut album Notes Of A Native Son, which of course features Now's The B Turn, a song I loved long time. I'm sure plenty of you also remember this one, as it was catchy as hell. So this was a must post, and I figured I'd go with a Wolf & Epic theme and post something from MC Lyte's Act Like You know, as it's pretty much the only other album I own that has Wolf & Epic production on it. Poor Georgie is the standout from that album, so that's what you get.

MP3:: Laquan - Now's The B Turn
Laquan was a fresh-faced 16 year old when the South Central native made his debut album Notes Of A Native Son. At that point his style was akin to a west coast version of the Native Tongues, very pro-black and plenty of positive rhymes. But like Todd Bridges and Chi Ali before him, Laquan turned from a talented teenager with a promising future, to a young man with a prison sentence. Laquan changed his name to Poppa LQ, and turned to the Gangster rap before doing a 20 month stretch in a federal pen. But we're focusing on Laquan when he was Laquan and telling us to "seek knowledge and learn, cause now's the b turn". This is still a great song. The track is so catchy, with its combination of programmed drums and bongo-like percussion, guitar licks, flute, and soul vocal samples, it was a mind-blower back in the day. Ricky Bell singing the hook didn't hurt either. I bought the cassette for this song, and other than maybe one other song (Brother To Brother), I can't really remember the rest of it. Oh well, it was still worth purchasing for this song, no doubt about it.

MP3:: MC Lyte - Poor Georgie
I always liked Lyte. Female MC's were a little meh back in the day, but Lyte could always bring it. Even on this album, which was panned by most because folks felt Lyte was going to commercial, she still brings it on the lyrical side of things. Poor Georgie is no different, as Lyte tells the story of George, her former flame that not only had colon cancer, but drove into a truck while soused on the Vodka. Even if it's a little lame as a concept, Lyte always did the storytelling raps quite well and I enjoyed it. The Wolf & Epic beat is pretty solid, with strings and a solid piano loop paired with a pumping drum track. The soul samples are also used to solid effect. It's no B Turn, but this is still a decent jam.

MP3:: Bell Biv Devoe - Word To The Mutha! (New Edition Style)
Bonus time! If you made it this far, you get a treat. This is from the BBD remix album, the awesomely titled WBBD Bootcity! The Remix Album, and it's produced by Wolf & Epic, but better than that, the full New Edition lineup reunited Wu-Tang style for this one. Bobby, Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill on ths smoothed out intro? I know this isn't really hip hop per se, but I cannot front, I loved this song back in the day. Biv and Devoe kick the furious raps: "girlies in the halls bitin' the balls, of the pusher man", it is really good stuff. And the video is even better stuff, just have a gander at those getups. Everyone looks fantastic, but Bobby's various leather creations alone make it worth watching. If you remember when huge hats were, uhhhh, huge, then no doubt you'll love this as much as I.

Video:: Laquan - Now's The B Turn

Video:: MC Lyte - Poor Georgie

Video:: Bell Biv Devoe (New Edition) - Word To The Mutha!

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