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Old School Mondays:: MC Serch

Can you have too much Serch in your life? I say nay. There are those who feel he's an annoying wannabee, but I never felt that way. I mean really, an awkward white dude with huge glasses not only being considered a credible MC at a time when such a thing was rarer than a black NHL player in the 80's (Tony McKegney knew the deal!), but he also broke out funky rap-dance moves with abandon. My white, awkward, huge-goggled self was a pretty big Serch fan when the Cactus album dropped. I liked Pete Nice, and DJ Richie Rich was awesome on the 1's and 2's, but Serch was the 3rd Bass lynchpin.

Oh hey, this week's OSM is featuring MC Serch, perhaps I should mention that. I had a crazy week last week, and once again didn't have anything in mind for this Monday, so I went to the box of tapes and at random pulled out Serch's Def Jam solo album Return Of The Product. I played the hell out of this album, and the tape has the broken case and faded titles to back that up. This is despite the fact that it was largely ignored by anyone other than melanin challenged 3rd Bass enthusiasts. Oh well, I still think it's a pretty good album. Serch was completely on his own, but he enlisted some decent, fairly well-known producers that provided him with him some beats that were mighty catchy, if not super-traditional.

So we have the two big singles from the album for your listening pleasure, the spazzy and jazzy Here It Comes and the very awesome posse cut Back To The Grill.

MP3:: MC Serch - Here It Comes
This song has a nutty, serious piano intro that sounds like a Jodeci song is about to start, but I think it's there so Serch can say "you thought I was going to come with some soft R&B; shit" at the beginning before the full beat blasts in. The beat is kind of spacey and catchy at the same time, which random bells and other sounds fading ina nd out over uptempo programmed drums. Probably not the kind of thing you'd find on a 3rd Bass album. This is likely because it was done by production team Wolf & Epic, likely most known at that point for producing Bell Biv Devoe, which was actually something at that time. These dudes produced beats that were a kind of a melding of hip-hop and R&B;, but their first production job was for Laquan, so that's awesome. I know Epic went on to be part of Crazytown, which is really not awesome, but I didn't know Wolf was this guy, an old dude that was originally in a band with some dude from Muscle Shoals, and that brings us back to awesometown. Anyway, we're getting off topic here. My guess is that this song was intended to serve as Serch's solo introduction, it's catchy enough and has a sing along chorus of sorts, but I'm not sure it had the desired effect. For some weird reason I think it's aged pretty well.

MP3:: MC Serch - Back To The Grill
Really, I should've saved this one for an edition of Posse Cuts, but 3rd Bass might get back together before I get around to doing another one of those. But this is a great posse cut, with Red Hot Lover Tone, Nas, and Chubb Rock joining Serch. The beat is a classic posse cut concoction, big bouncy drums, catchy bassline, and the occasional keyboard and horn stabs, it has partytime written all over it. It's funny that Red Hot Lover Tone makes an appearance, he's a solid MC (I have a copy of #1 Player that I still enjoy), but Tone is better known as half of the Trackmasters and he wasn't a posse cut regular. He does break out the Wayne's World raps though "R&B; rips hip hop...not!". And then there's the Nas verse. If you're wondering why there was such a buzz before Nas dropped Illmatic, before the internet allowed pimply-faced kids in Iowa to have a "buzz" for their album, just give his verse on this song a listen:

This is Nas, kid, you know how it runs
I'm waving automatic guns at nuns
Sticking up the preachers in the church, I'm a stone crook
Serial killer, who works by the phone book

Doesn't sound like life-changing stuff, but the way it's delivered, it's quite tremendous. I've made my feelings on the Chubbster known before, but basically I think it's impossible to have too much Chubbs. And he does an awesome job with his verse here too. The part where he says "Cause YOU are a BLAB-BER-MOUTH" was always a favorite of mine, even though I have no idea what he's talking about. Serch also does fine work with his:

You wanna kill the Klan, shoot the fans a tractor pull
Got crazy game, so no one can stop me
But ayo, I'm white, I guess my game is hockey

I always thought that was great stuff, and the bit where he says "Cause I saw you eating pig knuckles, with Frankie Knuckles, In a bar called Chuckles wearing name plate belt buckles" was comical too. Such a funny image to conjure up, and even just mentioning Frankie Knuckles is funny on it's own. Just a great song, I still love it. The video is also a slice of 1992-based goodness.

Video:: MC Serch - Back To The Grill

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