Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick-hitters:: Myles Deck & the Fuzz

Myles Deck & the Fuzz combine a lot of elements that scare people. Crashing drums, bluesy bass lines and heavy metal guitar slides really make people who always thought listening to Sum 41 meant they were punk rawk a bit unsettled.

Instead of useless tracks about not fitting in and simple three chord progressions, Myles and the rest of the Fuzz hit you in the teeth with raw, Stooges style songs and a swagger that lets you know they don't give a f@ck if you aren't into it.

But the thing is, I don't even think that these Haligonians want to be type cast as just another garage band. All too often that is simply a dismissal. The way they add surprising elements like the acoustic blues intro on Thrill Seeker or bust into huge metal licks shows they are trying something bigger and better than rehashing the same old riffs. Master of the House is a perfect example. They settle into a shocking melody, before hitting you with a change of pace break down that evolves into some huge thrashing slop; all in three minutes.

The garage blues rocking sounds hit hard and quick; two-minute tracks with feverish energy. Obviously, I like this band more than Maximum RnR - who simply said that the record made them "want to track down everyone on their thanks list and kill them" - and I think if you listen to Halifax is Burning, you will too.

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At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Rob did sayeth:

Thanks for mentioning the Fuzz. You can download the full album if interested at
[or buy it at iTunes, CD Baby etc., at Taz here in Halifax on Record Store day]

And they are in the studio this week working on a new EP. If the sessions work out you can watch for that this summer/soonish.



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