Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick-hitters:: The Violet Archers

Here's the skinny. Some bands just deserve your attention. No questions (jackets) or back story required. But some deserve your attention and have a compelling back story to boot. Enter The Violet Archers.

The Violet Archers is the new project of former Rheostatic, Tim Vesely. Almost every Canadian music fan has some tie in to the Rheostatics, but getting to hear Tim in a new form is pretty great. It doesn't hurt his band is full of talented musicians from outstanding bands (Great Aunt Ida, Sarah Harmer, Raising the Fawn), but the first track from the new record - Sunshine at Night - is simply a great rock song. No frills or extra descriptors required. Just an ear pleasing acoustic, solid harmonies and dancing electric work. What else can you really ask for?

Co-ordinates - The Violet Archers

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This is just a little side note for everyone. You might notice this new track comes courtesy of Zunior. You might also notice that we've been linking back to the Canadian online record store as often as we can. No, we don't work for them or have only obligation to the store, but it's definitely something we want to support.

Most internet people these days simply look for free music, and drop that bullshit line of "I buy t-shirts and records at shows." While this is great (and every band wants to have bodies in the seats), Zunior is a great way to get the music at a great price ($8.88 per album) and still give back to the band. You picking up the shirt at a show might fill the tank, but fans buying records is what allows artists to keep writing.

The business model puts the artist first and returns most of the cash to the people making the music. So, if you are going to download the record, why not do it from the place that actually cares about the artist?

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