Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Record Store Day - Go out and buy a slab

Saturday, April 19th is Record Store Day. While that might not mean a lot to most of you, it means a lot to the music community. It used to be that visiting the record store was something special; the smell of the vinyl, the asshole behind the counter who made you feel stupid for not having the import Shinehead tape, the music that would be playing in the store.  

Sometimes all it took was a cool cover or a song you could barely hear playing behind you to make you up the shell over your cash.  

Buttless Chaps front man Dave Gowans (and co-owner of a solid record store here in Vancouver - Red Cat Records) took the time to answer a few questions about what this day means to him:

HH::The Buttless Chaps have just broken the decade milestone, which is a pretty remarkable feat. I know you are working on a new record, but I was wondering if there are things you guys still want to accomplish as a band?
DG::I think we would still like to get over to Europe and do a tour, also some more "theme' based shows, a tribute to the rarities of 80's perhaps?

HH:: As an artist and a store owner, how do you feel downloading and the internet are affecting the ability to make a career from music and the art involved in creating a record?
DG:: The internet really helps get the word out about a record (Vampire Weekend for example) & it certainly can create some sales by people being able to listen to it before they go to a store or to a place to download it. If the record is full of good songs & in an attractive package, they still sell. 

HH:: What does Red Cat have in store for Record Store day this weekend?
DG:: We have some prizes, special 7 Inch releases .. and some live music by Swank, The Awkward Stage, Young and Sexy & The Great Outdoors all performing acoustic sets in the shop.

HH:: If a music fan showed up and asked you to pick out a few records to start a collection... what would you suggest?
DG:: Just a few? The National - Alligator, Richard Buckner - Impasse, Fiery Furnaces - Widow City,  Fairport Convention - Liege And Lief, Neil Young - On The Beach or Tonights The Night,  Nick Cave - Dig! Lazarus Dig!, B. Fleischman - The Humbucking Coil,  Loscil - First Narrows

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