Thursday, May 29, 2008

Live:: The Sadies @ The Marquee Tomorrow Night

I meant to get this up earlier in the week, but I usually don't get these show previews up with more than a day to spare, so this just follows that trend. The Sadies, Canada's kings of "psychedelic country" (did I read that somewhere or make it up? I have no idea) are playing the Marquee tomorrow night with Dave Marsh's The True Love Rules, and so I thought I'd spread the (last minute) word.

I could go in depth with all kinds of Sadies tidbits about their new record New Seasons, but Stephen Cooke has done exactly that in today's Halifax Herald, so I'll point you in that direction for info on the band. It covers a range of topics, from an appearance by Gordon Lightfoot's guitar on their album, their recording sessions with Gary Louris, and the definition of country & eastern music - a new, Maritime influenced, genre people might not be familiar with:

"That’s been my argument for years now, when people try and nail some sort of Americana tag on us," he says, pointing out the influence of Maritimers like Hank Snow and Wilf Carter. "It’s like, ‘Grow up and do your homework.’ Canadiana is far superior, and substantially older in terms of a tradition. Hell, you guys invented Cajun music."

Finally! Some re-cog-nition! [Said in cajun man voi...yeah, that's pretty terrible actually, let's move on]. Anyway, go see The Sadies tomorrow night, tickets are $20 at the door. But please, no one go near their van, I'm sure they are a little sensitive about it these days.

(As an aside, P and I will be at this tonight. Come say hi. If I know you. Which I likely don't. But I'll be like "Hey, there you are". And you'll be like "Do I know you"? And I'll say "No, but that's where you are, you're there". Trust me, it'll be great.)

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