Friday, May 30, 2008

Live:: Sarah Slean @ The Rebecca Cohn

I'm not sure how much of a review this will turn out to be. Firstly, I haven't had any time to spend on it, and secondly, I knew basically nothing about either Ms. Slean or opener Royal Wood. However, Petra is a fan of the Slean, so she was very excited to go, and I was happy to accompany her.

I knew the Ack had posted a brief review of Royal's album recently, and I'd heard a couple songs, but outside of that I knew nada about him. Turns out he's a rather polite gentleman who cuts a rather dapper figure onstage in a suit and tie. He was onstage on his own for most of his set (or the bit we caught), and although I thought his songs might've had a bit more impact with some accompaniment, he easily won over the crowd with his easy, self deprecating banter between sets. He covered the theme from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the piano which was kind of fun, and he was joined by Sarah and her band for one number, which P and I thought was the highlight for sure.

As for Sarah herself, she's kind of a nut. I didn't really know anything about her, other than generally knowing who she was because she's been around for a while, so I guess I had some impression of her being a super-serious piano chanteuse. But she came onstage in a long ballgown-style dress, kicked of her shoes after the first song, and commanded the stage like a charming/mischievous cabaret hostess.

Although she didn't play P's favorite song, she seemed to give heavily female crowd what they wanted to hear, with Sweet Ones being an obvious, sing-along crowd favorite. She's got quite the voice on her and she gives it a workout, alternating between conversational singing, soaring choruses, and even bits of whispering. Even for someone like myself, it would be hard to deny she's entertaining. She was called back for two encores, and left in style after the second with the audience serenading her.

So that's pretty much it, but I'll leave you with P's favorite song, Mary, from 2004's Day One

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