Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New song:: Pas Chic Chic

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The good people at Semprini Records have the whole promo thing down. Send out a track from the record and a non-album cut to get the bloggers happy and let the band reap the rewards. Such is the case for Montreal's Pas Chic Chic and their Haydee Morcelee 7".

The new track (b-side) - Blinde D'Attentions - is a nice change of pace by the creative band, as they opt for a slower, stronger gait. The gritty electro sludge that opens the track is replaced by a hint of whimsy courtesy of the keys and a solid bass line. Over the almost four-minutes the song build momentum and starts surging forward like a race horse eager to run.

Hopefully giving everyone another taste of this talented band will get some people interested in their work. It's well worth multiple listens.

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