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Old School Mondays:: Vicious Beat Posse & Nas

This is a pairing that makes no logical sense really. But I'll break it down for you anyway. Last week I made some funnies in my review for Kid Static's In The Meantime where I listed a few amusing things that rappers could do to get their album reviewed on the hill. One of these suggestions was "feature a cameo on your album by Rodney O, Joe Cooley or even General Jeff", which is not out of the ordinary for the hill as we'll take any opportunity to talk about the legendary Rodney O Joe Cooley.

However, at first, I was going to go with something more obscure, and the album that came to mind was the Vicious Beat Posse's Legalized Dope. Why? Not sure exactly, other than I have it on cassette and have been meaning to talk about it at some point. Plus the Vicious Beat Posse is a fairly obscure reference for most people. But some VBP-related search revealed that this guy is former Posse member Superslim, and I wasn't sure I wanted to encourage his inclusion on any album, in jest or otherwise. However, Superslim & Co. were still a prime candidate for OSM, and so here's Party Trooper, which was my favorite song from Legalized Dope back in the day.

As for Nas, well Nasir Jones played a show here in Halifax last night, which is kind of crazy. I couldn't make it to the show, but I thought I'd commemorate the occasion with a couple classic tracks. Of course something is required from Illmatic, and I always loved One Love, so you get that, and I also enjoyed his second album It Was Written a great deal, even though it wasn't a critical fave. So, from that you get the Kurtis Blow homage If I Ruled The World.

MP3::Vicious Beat Posse - Party Trooper
I can't find a stitch of bio on the Vicious Beat Posse via Monsieur Google, but from what I remember, they were like a golden age Backstreet Boys, four MC's with no connection to each other assembled by a label. Well perhaps they're worse than the Backstreet Boys (if that is in any way physically possible), because none of them even appear on a song with one-another. Seems to me that MCA probably had these four artists signed, didn't want to spend the cash to get albums done for all of them individually, so they sold them on the idea of forming a group. Well clearly I didn't care, I read a good review for Legalized Dope and picked it up on a trip to the US. Party Trooper features MC Superslim & DJ Candyman and is pretty apt choice for this OSM because it uses the same beat as Rodney O Joe Cooley's Dose Of Dope. I think the rest of the MC's were from the east coast, by Superslim was from San Diego or somewhere, and his laid back from shows it. This is just a fun song about getting your party on, 1989 rap-star style. Not sure why, but I always loved the bit where he comes on stage and introduces his DJ and then "Casio" who appears to be his DJ/Hypeman, and Casio then does a little sound-effects thing. I still enjoy it today actually. Anyway, this album was fairly solid and unlike Mr. Grey, it got a bit of play back in the day (I always loved obscure shite like this, even way back). Give it a listen if you aren't familiar Superslim and the rest of the posse.

MP3::Nas - One Love
MP3::Nas - If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)
I'm not doing a write-up for Nas, but if you don't know who he is, and you get the internet under the rock which you must live, Wiki can put you up on the man once known as Nasty Nas. Regardless of what he thinks about hip hop, Nas is truly an amazing MC. If I Ruled The World gave me the goosebumps when I first heard it (Oh L. Boogie, why must you be crazy?), hopefully Nas did that for some kids last night.


Nas - One Love


Nas - If I Ruled The World

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