Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reviews:: The Submarines Honeysuckle Weeks

I'm just going to continue on the Summer theme. It's hard not to think of the sun when you hear the Beatles influenced intro of Sub Symphonika and with titles like Swimming Pool and The Brightest Hour you start to think everything in their world is rainbows and butterflies. The (almost) naive, childlike premise that dominates the ear candy that is Swimming Pool makes you wonder if the duo lives in a fictional world.

They seem to be ignoring the warning signs just so they can hold on to a relationship that may never work, simply trusting the fact that sometimes you just have to jump in the deep end and hope you can swim as a testament to the whole "love conquers all" idea.

But truth be told, when most of the time when Blake and John start singing you realize there is a lot more going on under the surface. Gone are the smiles and in their place is the wear and tear caused by regret and heartache. No, love isn't easy and neither is always trying to find the good in someone. The duo's personal history is well documented, and it's those experiences that really let's them play with the contrasting idea of fairy tale and reality.

Musically they are mixing and matching more styles than most other electro duos. Sure, they still build patch work electro quilts that can warm the coldest soul, but it's the surprises they add that gives this record a bit more depth. The dub reggae feel on 1940 really strengthens the dark glimpse into the neurotic thoughts of a twisted soul. Despite the beautiful day that waits, Blake's character tosses and turns, unable to think anything will ever be ok.

No, in spite of the summery title - Honeysuckle Weeks - and vintage sounds, the Submarines paint a much more realistic picture, even if the colors they prefer are warm and relaxing.


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