Friday, May 9, 2008

Reviews:: Will Currie & the Country French A Great Stage

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I've been on a nice run of piano driven pop lately. I still throw on Brent Randall countless time each week and the new Royal Wood record is out of sight, but first things first. Will Currie and the Country French have just released their debut full length on Murder Records and quite honestly it's no shock that the band was discovered and subsequently signed by Jay Ferguson.

Will Curries crafts piano pop songs that could have been enjoyed in the 60's, 70's or any generation thereafter and his pop stylings lie directly in Jay's wheelhouse. It would be easy to starting dropping names like Newman, Folds, Folds and McCartney, but it's the energy the tracks command, not the influences that make Will Currie stand out. Even on the most tender ballads - like Maybe - Currie's voice conveys emotion and immediacy.

Instead of sounding like a man pouring out his sorrows over the same old piano line, the songs come of as fresh and vibrant and that has a lot to do with the song length and the support of the Country French. Currie doesn't drag out any track, opting for quick hitting riffs with the occasional surprise (the horns and feedback on Thunder Bay Coastguard Radio for example) and whether it’s a simple vocal accompaniment like Amanda Currie offers up on Mannin Veen or the flushed out arrangements (like the three part harmonies, drums and nice bass line of Friendly Fire), the band seems to be there whenever Will needs support.

If this doesn't put some pep in your step to star the weekend, something might be wrong with you.

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At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

I agree that this disc is awesome, and it definitely deserves the attention it's been getting. I justed wanted to clarify that 'a great stage' is not their full length's only a little over 20 minutes and I think they are referring to it as an EP. Either way you categorize it, it's a very good listen!


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