Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun Video Fridays:: Abdominal & D-Sisive

While doing a bit of poking around in preparation to write something about Toronto MC D-Sisive's really, really good new album, The Book, I came across a couple fun videos I thought were perfect Friday afternoon fair.

The first is from DJ Format's last album, If You Can't Join 'Em… Beat 'Em, and features D-Sisive and fellow Torontonian Abdominal having a dance-dance revolution style rap battle. Cool song, fun video, enjoy.


Abdominal, like D-Sisive, is another Canadian MC that I enjoy immensely, but doesn't seem to get much press here. Well, let's do our meager part to spread the word with a rather enjoyable song & video from another DJ Format album - Vicious Battle Raps. The video is kind of simple, with Ab playing the role of one-take-jake as he goes for a walk and kicks some punchlines along the way. Simple concept, but there's something appealing about it that I like. Anyway, there you go, enjoy.


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