Monday, June 16, 2008

Herohill Ladies Detective Agency:: Episode One

Bitter:Sweet - The Bomb
Male/Female electronic duo from WEST HOLLYWOOD (as their myspace indicates):: This song is the theme for NBC's Lipstick Jungle :: This album is more "organic" then their "intoxicating" debut

Sarah St. Catherine - Soul-tied
Singer-Songwriter from Calgary (Maybe? Long-winded website makes it hard to tell) :: Owns her own independent label :: Seems to be a fan of the site, but mixed up who was who on the hill by recently asking how Shane was adjusting to Halifax life

Erin Lang - Youre Coming Home
Electro/Ambient Singer-Songwriter from Canada (Toronto maybe?) Now based in London:: Father was bass player in April Wine :: Invited Ack and I out to her show at NXNE in Toronto, although as you know, we do not live in Toronto

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At 10:46 AM, Blogger Nicola did sayeth:

Bitter: Sweet - The Bomb
Well the start of this track had me thinking that Shane accidentally posted the theme song from Austin Powers. It didn't get much better for me after that. It sounds like a Broadway production for Hairspray gone bad. Very bad. Not my bag baby.

Erin Lang - Youre Coming Home
Yes, I'm going through these out of order on purpose. This track made me think of the Cardigans for some reason. That or a 12 year-old playing karaoke. She has a nice voice, but that kind of lounge-esque sound always seemed to much for me or too intelligent for me. I've never been totally sure.

Sarah St. Catherine - Soul-tied
Now this track I actually enjoyed. That's why I left it till last. I like her vocals in this track. They sound clean, and honest. I'm not a huge fan of the melody with the underlying organ, but her singing make up for that. This song would make me want to listen to the rest of the album (or at least a few other tracks).


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