Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Craig Mack (Flavour in Tuesday's Ear Edition)

Yes, it is Tuesday, and yesterday was that rarest of hill occasions: an OSM-free Monday. Well, I was on a bit of a long weekend, and thus didn't get anything posted, so I hope you'll forgive me. Never fear though, we've got a pretty good one for you today.

Last week, as the Ack and I drove downtown to chat with Adam Puddington (who's very talented and a mighty nice fellow I should add), Craig Mack's Flava In Ya Ear came on the radio, which made me stop mid-sentence and turn up the volume on my sweet factory stereo. Well that was enough for me, a Craig Mack OSM was always in the offing from that moment on, and even though it had to wait until Tuesday, it's here none the less.

Craig Mack is a perfect example of an MC who should've done much bigger things than he did. He has a creative, kind of elastic mush-mouth flow, that is addictive - I cannot hear the two songs we're featuring today, Flava In Ya Ear and Get Down without wanting to rap along (even though I have this shirt, thanks to the awesome folks at Stones Throw, I still rap on headphones!). Craig didn't talk about crime and drugs and shite like that, in fact who knows what he's saying half the time, but his phrasing and stop-start off-kilter delivery is still awesome to this day in my humble.

It's too bad his timing and mentor choices in the biz just didn't work out. Craig helped P-Diddly-Daddy get Bad Boy off the ground and launch Biggie into the stratosphere with his appearance on Craig's Flava In Ya Ear remix, only to have Puffy ignore him once B.I.G. took off. He then left Bad Boy and hooked up with Eric B. Yes, that Eric B., whose Wiki page can testify that he hasn't exactly set the world on fire since he split with The God. They made a party record, aimed at getting the ladies and the silk shirt wearing gents on the dance floor, but I don't even think it went balsa wood in the hood, and that's a shame, cause the second verse from Flava is one of my all-time favorites:

Craig Mack, 1000 degrees
You'll be on your knees, and you'll be burnin', beggin' please
Brother FREEZE! Man's undisputed, and deep-rooted funk smoke that leaves your brains booted
This bad M.C., with stamina like Bruce Jenner, the winner
Tasting M.C.'s for dinner, you're crazy like that glue,
to think that you, could out-do, my one-two...

And I haven't even talked about the awesomeness of Easy Moe Bee's production. If you enjoy the golden age rap styles, it would be impossible not to love Moe Bee's beats. They are fairly simple, but have such a pleasing, head-knocking sound that I can really never get enough of them. So get your fill with these two jams. Oh, and also, Craig is wearing a Tampa Bay lighting jersey in his video. Which is also awesome. Ok, that is all. But as an aside, if someone out there in internetville has the Flava remix and would like to send it my way, I'll post that too.


Craig Mack - Flava In Your Ear

Craig Mack - Get Down


I felt bad about sticking the Ack with all the Monday hill work, and about him not getting him his Monday OSM fix, so I asked him what he'd like to hear as a bonus track. He rap-nerdingly selected Poor Righteous Teachers, which is in fact pretty righteous. So although I almost wanted to keep them for their own edition of OSM (could it still happen? you never know), he asked for them, and so I shall deliver with both the original and a remix version of Rock Dis Funky Joint for the Ack and everyone else to enjoy.

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At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

When is Hero hill gonna do a "real" old school with one of my fav's MC 900 Foot Jesus???

How about a little commentary on Ice-T and Soulja Boy???



At 6:45 AM, Blogger ack did sayeth:

Fear not Marios.... herohill is always ready to keep it real with MC 900 Foot Jesus..

And we are currently processing any applications for Soulja Boy's food taster, so anyone who feels the need to eat a d*ck.. well, it could be your lucky day.


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