Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick hitters:: The 6ixty 8ights

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There are way too many things going on right now to constantly be trolling the NET for new bands. I've just moved to Halifax, started working from a home office and yesterday our offer for our first house was accepted. Hell, even my beloved Celtics are finally relevant again and Paul Pierce is pulling Willis Reed type shit when he comes back to save the day.

As a result, it's hard to figure out who to write about. Seriously, my review list is getting bigger than a greedy kid's Christmas list and crossing things off isn't easy. I wish I could just chuck a pic, a link and an MP3 but that's not really how we roll. Anyway. Enough of this.

Toronto's The 6ixty 8ights certainly got their name right, as from the opening notes of The Way I Walk, it's obvious that their foundation comes from Kinks/Beatles/Costello friendly pop sounds that could have been found in a time capsule from the same year. Like most outfits who venture into that late 60's sonic pallette, they do have a few tracks that stumble but I'd be lying if I didn't say they've got some killer hooks and really settle into that sound we all wish the the Strokes still played. Their record - Pica Electric Armada - has been a pleasant surprise, even if I missed it's release last year and hadn't heard about the band until about two weeks ago.

The thing that really works for this band is how they seem to have a great balance of tracks that sound great on record - Big Elis Wheel uses soft hand claps, and the band even adds an almost Pinback like breakdown out of nowhere - and ones that probably take on new life when they hit the stage (Feel You Slipping Away and Nothings The Same).

But the songs that really gives me hope about this band is the driving Beijing Soldier. It starts off as a simple pop track. A nice drum beat pushes it along, but the band shows they are more than a paint by numbers as over the course of the 6-minute song, they let the riff gradually break down into a wash of noise, sludge and shouting vocals. It may not seem like much, but when your world is often viewed through rose-colored kaleidoscopes, the stark chill of reality hits hard.

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