Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quick hitters:: Chauchat

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Sometimes you forget about the little man. With all the bands getting crammed down your throat (like Barkley), it's tough to remember to head to labels like yerbird and take the time to smell the roses. Luckily, the last few days, I've been hanging out in Morgan's cyber world falling in love with a terrific new band - Chauchat.

Whether named after the character from Thomas Mann's terrific novel - The Magic Mountain - or for the backfire heavy machine gun, Chauchat exists to challenge themselves (and you) in every way possible, forcing yourself to look past any pre-conceived notions or ideas. They even challenge the limits of what you'd expect from the lil folk label that could.

The Lancaster PA outfit shows traces of tortured folk - like the intro to the terrific Yoko Turns 71 - but sample from a much broader stylistic palette as the song slowly adds adds swirling guitars angelic aahhhs in the distance that create a warmth around the notes. It should be noted that on the surface, Chauchat plays tracks that seem simple. They often rely on warm fuzz and well placed builds, but it's the little intricacies that really make the songs work. With every detail well thought out, you can see how they ignore little mistakes that might be made, allowing the imperfections to define the emotion and add a human element to a normally fantasy filled genre.

Instead of only creating hazy dreamscapes that float along, Chauchat's subconscious seems almost troubled, like they are afraid to close their eyes for the night. As their dreams take shape, it's almost as if they are opening new wounds without ever letting the old ones heal. I Grew Up In the Shadow of Your Death Drive moves in a chaotic thrash and ends with a feverish shock, like when you wake from a tormented sleep covered in sweat, gasping deeply for air.


Yoko Turns 71
Flight Obscurity

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