Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick hitters:: Cory Woodward


On the surface you'd think Cory Woodward is too young to be writing the songs he does. He shouldn't have felt the pain he's felt; his voice shouldn't be as worn. No, not at his age. But with his gruff voice and familiar song structure, he seems to have been around for years and destined for hyperbole-filled comparisons to Waits (Remedy Girl) and Springsteen (Revolve). Truth be told, his new EP - Princess of the Skies - does at times show influence from these tried and true artists.

But the thing is, it's when he shakes free from the shackles of their inspiration that his songs really come to life and the more Woodward tries to keep his sound as fresh as his age, the more compelling his songs will become. He splices textures and electric currents through his songs and really give them life. Slipping Away is a terrific electro fused duet that could easily be mistaken for an incredibly catchy Jason Collett track. The meandering guitar work and staccato synth and hand claps work perfectly and he transitions nicely into the stripped down acoustic track, Turn to You.

The intimacy of the song exposes Woodward's charisma. His baritone voice trembles and crack with the desperation he feels knowing that all he really has (or maybe more all he needs) is the love of his wife. The optimistic ray of sunshine that shines through the greys and blacks he seems to live in warms the effort and comforts the listener.

For a trim 6-song offering, Woodward may have tried to accomplish too much. The banged out, Cure inspired piano line that starts Down, Down, Down and the straight ahead rocker breaks the nice flow of the EP and seems a bit out of place. It's not that it's a bad song, but with the innovative combination of old and new he used on other songs, this one seems like a song he wrote years before and held onto. Regardless, Cory has laid the groundwork for his future releases and proven that he's enough of a talent to stand on his own merit and sound.

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At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Helene did sayeth:

Have seen Cory Woodward perform Solo, and w/Band...awesome musician, songwriter, singer, and outgoing personality, witty yet sincere. Love his new album, 'Princess Of The skies'.


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