Monday, June 2, 2008

Quick hitters:: The Paper Cranes

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It figures that once I leave BC, I finally give some love to a band based out of the province I called home for 3 years. When The Paper Cranes wrote I'll Love You Till My Veins Explode, well, they basically channeled everything that was terrific about Robert Smith and his black makeup brigade. The duo from Victoria was able to match the Cure's misery and malaise over hand claps, synths and pep.

It would be easy to hide behind such a terrific song, but the consistency of the album really surprised me. As soon as the piano that starts off the catchy as hell 100 Years War mix perfectly with the fuzz and Ryan McCullagh's effortless falsettos, you start to think that this band might just be the real deal. In fact, most of the tracks on Halcyon Days deliver.

Without question the songs hit you with a heavy dose of melancholy. Ryan let's you know how easily love can rip you apart, but honestly, getting your heart broken shouldn't sound this great. The darker sounds of Cobwebs or the terrific bass line, cowbell and unashamed Morrisey influence that perk up Middleclass Guilt all flow together nicely and make your thoughts drift to times when John Hughes flicks were more than just cheesy movies you watch while you nurse a hangover on Sunday afternoon and when a song said described everything you stood for in a peppy three minutes.

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