Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reviews:: The Golden Hands Before God Here EP

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Sometimes you stumble upon a band that you really want to get behind. The trouble is, in today's over saturated blogosphere, you usually end up trying to hype up a band that is already showing up on more blogs than adsense banners. Well, one that hasn't bubbled over but most assuredly will is the The Golden Hands Before God. When I reviewed the demos they sent me I said:

You get caught up in the head nod state that bands like Mazzy Star and BJM do so well. They play the type of songs that leave your feet cemented to the floor, eyes closed just soaking it all in as you explore your subconscious. The subtle textures of acoustic, electric and percussion weave around each other, and from the country-tinged acoustic that starts Interlude to the slow burning build and shimmering textures, not a note seems wasted or out of place. And this is all before the levels have been fixed.

Now that they've finished the recording of their Here EP, they expose a lot more styles and diversity. Sure the dream-like, blissful fuzz is still present and accounted for (like the terrific The Ladder or Interlude), but tracks like Communist Party show that the band is just as eager to melt your face with some classic rock. I had high expectations for this Pop Echo release, and I can honestly say that all were exceeded. Look for this on my Best-of list in at years end.

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very catchy lead riff


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