Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Adam & the Amethysts

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I'm actually not sure how this Montreal band - which is really the one man attack of Miracle Fortress and Telefauna member Adam Waito - isn't exploding across the blog-universe. The project has the pedigree, the creativity, and most importantly, the songs to make Amethyst Amulet the must have record for the summer.

The songs are drenched in reverb, and sparkle like sun kissed water. Stupid Ocean is nothing less than a lo-fi masterpiece as Waito's voice takes you to playful days on the beaches of the Pacific, but his lyrical content is centered in the middle of Ontario, making the effort distinctly Canadian fueled. Rocky route 17 really provides an anchor to the songs, keeping you grounded and intrigued.

Sonic Youth Center starts with the same sun drenched shimmer, but the last minute of the songs explodes into beautiful, fuzzed distortion and adds a grizzly beard or plaid shirt (and some weight) to the song and cements the talent this young man has. It's the instrumentation he uses and the arrangements he settles on that make this project work so well. Both exceed the standard limitations of the apartment style coziness of the record.

Truthfully, I am not sure I've been as excited about a Canadian artist since I first heard Miracle Fortress. His understanding of what makes a pop song challenging and still enjoyable is incredible. The Return starts out with the tender hand of a Sufjan song, but Waito explores the space available with new instruments (like the deep timbre style drums) but the hand claps and harmonies make the song seems weightless at just the right times. I've only heard 4 songs, but I've been listening to them over and over and over again as I wait for my copy to arrive.

The band is playing SappyFest '08, and is really one of the reasons herohill is heading up to give the fest some TLC. Picture a night with Adam, The Luyas, Dog Day, Miracle Fortress and Eric's Trip and you'll start realizing you might want to come too.

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