Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day nonsense

It's Canada's birthday today. Did you get the Great White North something special you file sharing ingrates? I keed, I keed, but it's only been a mere 141 years since the nation known for hockey, Molson, Rush and other things I can't stand was started. I'll be out BBQ-ing and drinking beers, but I wanted to give you a few great musical reasons that make Canada special.

So without further ado:
  1. Miracle Fortress - Digital Love (Daft Punk cover)
    Graham's Five Roses was an absolute stunner last year, and the human touch he puts on this song makes you smile.
  2. Ghost Bees - Sinai (live) via b(oot)log
    Sandro Perri (with Andre Ether) - Circles
    These two go together, because the two bands are sharing the stage
    @ the Marquee on July 31st before they both head up to Sappy Fest. We are going to be giving away a couple of signed CDs and some tix soon, so pay attention.
  3. Rural Alberta Advantage - In the Summertime
    Entire Cities - Dancing With My Brother
    Really, how much better does it get than a band from Ontario attacking the drums and working everyone up into a sweaty riot while they sing about Alberta, unless maybe it's a band that can pontificate with such conviction they could make Daniel Day Lewis turn mute in There Will Be Blood?
  4. Wolf Parade - Language City
    Well, quite possibly the best band in Canada right now, unless you consider….
    Adam & the Amethyst - The Return
  5. Grand Archives - Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot cover) via Bradley's Almanac
    One of my favorite bands seems to have an affinity for Canada. First a song about Louis Riel, and now a nice cover from one of the best song writers our country has ever produced.
Happy Canada Day!

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