Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moving Day:: The Rest


Today is moving day. I'm trying to work my real job, lift crates and boxes, set up my record player and still give the good people what they want. As a result, what you get is a series of quick hitters that are blaring through the new house as Nicola and I unpack, instead of the normal ramblings herohill has been forcing on you for the last half decade.

The first song setting the tone for the day is the new single by Hamilton's The Rest. Apples & Allergies is undoubtedly the most surging, invigorating track I've heard in weeks. Basically, the track builds and builds until the song seems to breath with you, pulsing blood through your veins. Just when you are about to explode, the band takes their foot off the gas and slows down with some twinkling of the ivories, finger picking and lovely strings, before lurching forward again with an epic conclusion.

If ever a song made you feel the immortality of youth, Apples & Allergies is it. Looking out over the water from our new deck, this song is truly bringing life to the day.

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At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Paul did sayeth:

I agree completely. "Apples & Allergies" is an invigorating track and I'm definitely looking forward to the second full-length from The Rest.


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