Friday, July 18, 2008

Odds & Sods:: High Decibel Randomness

The High Decibels
Ok, I didn't have much of an official post prepared for today, but it's a hot, beautiful afternoon here in Halifax, and so I thought I'd throw out a few songs appropriate for such an occasion. Sounds fun no?

Let's start with Oakland's The High Decibels. I'm not gonna front and say I know much about these dudes, but we got sent some info on them yesterday, and what I do know is they make some funky, fun hip hop that features plenty of live instrumentation. And not just instrumentation, but some blues-flavoured instrumentation, and the result is much better than I would've thought. The song we were sent is called Miss Cindy and if you are mixing drums that sound like a combo of Hey Ladies & Jimmy James with rocking blues riffs, you can rap about Cindy Lauper, Cindy Margolis, or Cindy Spillner - I don't care. Plus look at the sharp suits they are rocking, more than enough a merit a posting I would say.

The other day whilst writing my Summersonic post, I realized that In-Flight Safety were prepping a new album for release in the near future, and I thought "I should mention that". However, I didn't realize until now that I left that bit of news out entirely, so if you were planning to skip Summersonic due to lack of new IFS material, think again! Anyway, as I said, IFS are playing Summersonic on Saturday, and you can read about their new album on their website.

If you happen to be looking for musical entertainment this weekend that is Summer related, but sans sonic, Edmonton's Hot Panda are playing something called SUMMERFUNFEST tonight at Gus'. You likely recognize Hot Panda from their appearance on our Alberta mixtape, and they will be joined by Scribbler, A/V, and Murder Sounds. It does sound like a fest of fun.

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