Monday, July 21, 2008

Old School Monday:: J.J. Fad & Queen Latifah (Supersonic Ladies Edition)

All right friends, a busy weekend gone by and a busy week on the docket means I don't have much time for OSM. But we'll still bang one out because that is just how we get down on the hill.

Anyway, due to our coverage of Halifax's Summersonic festival this past week, I found myself typing the name a lot, and about half the time I wrote it as "Supersonic". That is due to the song of the same name from old school, LA female trio J.J. Fad. I wasn't actually a huge fan of the song back in the day, but it was always just kind of around, and it's always been a favorite amongst bass music enthusiasts. And if I've done nothing else on this site, I've always made sure to cater to the bass music fans. Or not, either or. So here's Supersonic from their self-titled debut, which came out on Ruthless records in '88 and was produced by Dre and DJ Yella.

There is really no connection between J.J. Fad and Latifah, as far as I know, but Petra was watching a Queen Latifah bio on TV when I started writing this OSM and I figured I haven't featured many female MC's, so it made sense to make this an all-female edition. Not sure I have to write much about Latifah, as I'm guessing that unless you live in a tv-free closet, you know who Latifah is. Most people think of Ladies First when they think of Latifah's first album, but not me, Dance For Me was always my favorite song from that album. Not sure why, but I think it might have something to do with the awesome 45 King horns on the beat. Well that and the video is very, very awesome, with Latifah's African General shorts set and the wicked black & white rap-dance freakouts. I still enjoy it, hopefully you do too.


J.J. Fad - Supersonic

Queen Latifah - Dance For Me

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