Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick hitters:: Catherine MacLellan

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It's obvious that herohill doesn't really act as the voice of the people... well unless there aren't very many people left in the world and the remaining few only listen to Golden Age hip hop, gritty blues, folk and love the banjo. But even without VIP status, I'm pretty shocked that more people didn't fall in love with PEI's (but residing in Halifax) Catherine MacLellan last year.

You might remember that last year Naedoo got a hold of her record - Church Bell Blues - and pleaded with you to take a listen. Well, as a quick search indicates… chances are you chose to ignore him. With all the hub-ub about the beautiful female singers from Canada (people embraced Feist, Jenn Grant, and Rebekah Higgs), it seemed pretty natural for MacLellan's record to be a well received.

But Church Bell Blues has kind of toiled in obscurity. Luckily, it's getting another push with a stateside release, so I figured now is a good of time as any to point you back in MacLellan's direction. I'm not going to rehash what Shane wrote last year. He hit the nail on the head and gave more than enough praise to get you interested, but I'll just say her voice and imagery are pure and honest, and the mix of electric guitar over top of the acoustic really gives some of the tracks the muscle they deserve.

But overall, her songs are traditional folk, in the realm of classic artists like Joni Mitchell, and her voice and guitar put a smile on your face as they strip away your stress. Seriously, if you can't unwind over the beautiful harmonies and nice electric solo of The Long Way Home or the get out on the open road feel of Brave Love, I hope your 50 Red Bulls and day trades are treating you well Boiler Room.

So readers... will you listen this time around? Probably not, but I'd love to see you prove me wrong and start hearing MacLellan's voice crackling through old car radios in the near future.

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