Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick hitters:: Jon & Roy

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Life here has become increasingly hectic. My wife and I close on our house today, and the drama and headaches that result are piling up. The next few weeks are going to amount to moving, cleaning, and owing copious amounts of money.

It's days like today when part of you wishes you were still able to relax, take trips to the beach while you worked a dead end job every summer. Sure, the end result is more than worth it and I mostly hate all teenagers, but with the house, the migration of my company, and fighting the flu life hasn't all warm apple strudel these last few days.

Anyway, we did manage to make it out to Hubbards for a birthday party, but family commitments meant we missed out on a nice swell and body surfing session. Most people are shocked to find out Halifax has pretty consistent waves, and you can get on the ocean more than you'd expect. Another place you might be shocked to find out has great waves is Vancouver Island. Tofino is well worth the journey from the Couve to ride for a morning.

So it's not surprising that Victoria would have some artists inspired by the whole Brushfire gang. Jon & Roy plays those funky acoustic, bongo heavy jams that you'd expect to hear in a surf video and while they might fit in with the Jack Johnson crowd - the tints of reggae on tracks like Moonlight will definitely hit home and the duo references the beach and the sea a lot), they are more rooted in that Mason Jennings style folk that's full of Southern charm (listen to Little Bit Of Love and you'll get my drift).

But I don't want to pigeon hole these Victoria artists. As you settle into the 15 songs on Another Noon (which admittedly is probably three too long), you realize Jon & Roy aren't just simply writing infectious, derivative grooves hoping for a radio smash. Instead, these songs drift by like a relaxed summer day, inviting the daily grind to fall to the wayside.

They won't end up on ipods/zunes all over the world (although the ukulele ditty High on a Hill is super catchy and it's easy to see why the title track got used in a commercial), as the songs are rarely quicker than a beach side saunter, but songs like Oh Please are perfect for setting the mood for a day where your only plans are to do nothing at all.

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