Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee:: James Lamb / Old Alpaca


In an oh so typical fashion, I wanted to talk about a band that seems to be on a hiatus... indefinitely. James Lamb and the Liabilities were a Vancouver band known to travel the same path as some of our other favorite Vancouver folkers like Dan Magnan and Christa Couture. When they were a band, Lamb's songs were beefed up with drums, sitars, wiesenborn, harmonies and any other ear pleasing tool they could find.

But it seems that James is stepping away from the security of the band, and recording on his own (maybe under the moniker, Old Alpaca). The songs are stripped down, but by no means do they lack depth or excitement. The finger picked riffs take you back in time, but the songs by no means seem dated. More or less, this is the type of discovery you hold close and start searching for times you can throw on amongst your closest friends.

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