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BOX:: Vordul Mega, A + R, OC & AG

Ok, this post right here is the first in a new (perhaps in-frequent) series I'm starting, essentially a recap of hip hop songs we're sent that make me go "hmm, this isn't bad, I should review/post/look into this", but for one reason or another I don't get the chance to do a full review for. Of course we prefer the full review treatment, but that's not always possible, and these songs still deserve a posting. Oh, and it gives me a chance to repeatedly post the picture to the left and link to this clip. So, without further ado....BOX!

Vordul Mega and Vast Aire were/are of course also known as Cannibal Ox and they have both recently worked on solo albums (Vast Aire's dropped in June, Vordul's is out this month). If you know these dudes either solo or as a group, you know what they're about: gritty, hardcore underground NYC hip hop. Something about Vast Aire's voice makes him my fave between these two, but Mega holds his own for sure.

A + R is Analogic and Rashid Hadee, a New Jersey producer and Chi-town MC collabo that make some classic, golden-age inspired, soul-tinged hip hop. This is one I slept on big time, as I am tres into these two songs. Big, chunky drums with soul samples, scratched hooks and some solid, BS-free emceeing? Yes please, I'll have this and more thanks. Really, check these songs, I doubt you'll be disapointed.

I've said this before, but if you're a Golden Age MC of any rep, and you have a new album, send it to me, I will post on it for sure (eventually!). OC & AG? Yessir, I meant to get on this one for sure, but I think the album drops in the fall, so I can still get a review done for it. But this is nothing but DITC goodness, and who could turn down DITC goodness? Not me, for one, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

I'm a big fan of Seattle duos Common Market and Blue Scholars, as you may, or more likely, may not remember. Both groups include the solid production of beat-wiz Sabzi, while the Scholars feature Geologic on the vocals and Common Market has RA Scion. Both groups make soically aware, yet enjoyable hip hop, which is kind of rare right now, so I'm looking forward to Common Market's full-length when it drops next month.

How about some Horrorcore! Canadian horrorcore at that. Vancouver's Hidden Fortress use a genre label I haven't seen anyone use in quite some time to describe their dark brand of hip hop. The Fortress is comprised of the delightfully named duo DJ/Producer UsdNeedles and lyricist "nofutureface", and so their new EP is likely devoid of happy raps. But it grabs ahold pretty tight, and brings Toronto's Red Ants to mind as a recent comparison. Perhaps not for everyone, but if you like your hip hop to have a dark, electro bent, this might be for you.

Idris Goodwin is a poet/playwright/lyricist from Santa Fe by way of Chicago. That's kind of a heavy resume compared to the folks we usually cover here on the hill, but he's got a conversational style that makes his songs accessable. I like what I've heard from his new release Kings For The Night, so if you'd like to try thinking about something a little deeper than your average whilst you bob your head, I'd give Idris a go.

Videos too? Yessir. Invizzibl Men have an unfortunate name, but a solid sound and an album coming out fairly soon. Roots Manuva is not someone I've spent a lot of time listening too, but if you have a video that features you playing cricket, that's a paddling (and a posting).


Invizzibl Men - Jimmy Swagger

Roots Manuva - Again & Again

OC & AG - 2 For The Money

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At 2:25 PM, OpenID tooshytostop did sayeth:

Great info! Too Shy to Stop writer Fawn Clark just did a piece on Idris Goodwin's visit to the University of Illinois. You can read the article here.


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