Thursday, August 14, 2008

News:: Wordburglar Video Release Saturday

I think we're into what we might call the "dog days" of the music blogging summer. That would be kind of a lame thing to call it, but it's pretty accurate as releases have slowed down whilst people enjoy the brief Canadian summer. Nothing wrong with that really.

Well, in theory there isn't anything wrong with it, but it kind of leaves us with nothing to, you know, talk about. So I thought I'd try and remedy that somewhat by talking about something that is going on. This Saturday night Halifax/Toronto MC Wordburglar debuts a new video at the Marquee. It's for The Route from his last album Burglaritis, a pretty solid jam produced by Ghettosocks. For those not in the know, the Wordburg is one of those guys who are just plain fun to listen to. He always sources top notch production for his songs, and he has some of the best punchlines around.

Speaking of Ghettosocks, your favorite Halifax rappers' favorite rapper will also be on the bill. I don't actually know about your favorite Halifax rapper, but Socks is my favorite Halifax rapper, so that has to count for something. Plus he put out a new mixtape a while ago, the enjoyably named I Can Make Your Dog Famous (check the jam below: Voltron! Kicks! A combination I'll co-sign everytime), so he'll likely have some new material to perform. Also on the bill are Jay Bizzy, The Stance, and DJ's Jorun and Uncle Fester. The only "The Stance" I know are these fellows, who are not really hip hop per se (or at all), but it would be pretty awesome if they are playing this show. Don't you want to find out? Head down to the Marquee Saturday night and see.


Wordburglar - Cream Of Wheat

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