Monday, August 18, 2008

Old School Mondays:: Jamaican Speed Funk Edition

Hey, did you know the Olympics are on right now? In China I think. Perhaps if you're American you've heard of this young chap who is winning all the medals and making Serbian fellows cry. He's doing all right for himself I hear (he is a Wolverine after all). But for me, the thing I'll remember about these Olympics is Usain Bolt just crushing the 100 metre final in a display unlike anything else I can remember. Surely you've seen it by now and you don't need me to tell you have amazing it was, but really, seeing a man that size go that fast is fairly mind blowing. And considering the Jamaican ladies went 1-2-3 in their 100 metre, I figured a Jamaican themed OSM would fit the bill quite nicely.

This might seem a little odd to you younger cats, but in the early 90's, dancehall reggae was rather huge and there was plenty of crossover between hip hop and reggae. Dancehall stars appeared on hip hop albums, and rappers cameoed on dancehall songs. I know it doesn't happen as much anymore, but there's plenty of classic old school reggae/hip hop jams to choose from, so without further ado, let's get to choosing.

Well of course I've got my two cents on the songs below, but let me once again say, in the words of Pretty Toney, big up to the Jamaicans and their exceptional sprinting ability.

Michie Mee & LA Luv - Jamaican Funk Canadian Style - Since Bolt destroyed Donovan Bailey's Olympic Record, it only seems right to have some Jamaican-Canadian content. There's no better selection than the Queen of Canadian hip hop, Michie Mee. I bought this tape back in the day and loved it, been looking for an excuse to post this song.
Super Cat - Dem No Worry We f. Heavy D - Likely my favorite of the early 90's dancehall DJ's, Super Cat was easily the best Jamaican-Indian you'll ever hear rock the mic. I also owned the album this comes from on cassette (Don Dada), and this Heavster featuring jam was a favorite.
Shabba Ranks - The Jam f. KRS-One - SHABBA! Shabba was easily the king of dancehall back then (or at least he was perceived to be here in North America), and then adding KRS to the mix, it's hard to lose. The title does not lie, this was/is the jam.
Louie Rankin - The Sting f. Red Hot Lover Tone - I've posted this song before, in fact I dedicated a post to Louie Rankin, but as I said last week, I reserve the right to re-post awesomeness. And this is awesome, the beat is killer and Red Hot Lover Tone's verse fits perfect. When done right, it's hard to top the catchiness of the hip hop/reggae mixture.
Kriss Kross - Alright f. Super Cat - Sure, we know the deal with Kriss Kross, they're totally krossed out, and totally punchline fodder these days, but you cannot deny the catchiness of this song. Sure, Super Cat steals the show, but the whole thing is just a slice of old school goodness.


Shabba Ranks - The Jam f. KRS-One

Kriss Kross - Alright f. Super Cat

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At 12:32 PM, Blogger ack did sayeth:

man..Louie Rankin. Second funkiest Louie ever.... what was that guy in our gym glass with the jordans? He was funkier.


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