Friday, August 1, 2008

Quick Hitters:: Faunts

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Earlier in the year we compiled a list of bands of the top bands in Alberta and one that that we had locked in early was the Whitsundays. As it turns out one member of the reverbed soaked band - Paul Arnusch - is also the drummer for another project called Faunts.

Unlike the Whitsundays who exist in sun kissed afternoons, surf and warm breezes, the Faunts exist in a spacey, dream like state that starts to appear as the sun dips in the sky.

The tracks are full of warm noise and syncopated rhythms and force you to talk about seismic builds using all too common descriptors like lush, ethereal or beautiful (that end up feeling vapid in comparison). The beautiful (see) chaos is perfectly constructed and reveals itself patiently as the sounds dart around your headphones.

For all our Vancouver readers, The Faunts are playing @ the Sweatshop tonight with support from the always terrific The Clips.

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