Monday, August 18, 2008

Quick hitters:: These Hands


These Hands - aka Michael Hanson - is as an eclectic a one-man band as you'll find in the Canadian scene. Being from Saskatchewan, you might expect Michael's songs to be vast and desolate; that creaking folk the wobbles around, barely able to maintain it's footing.

And while he has been known to craft such songs, his newest track - Zoe Montreal (Antique #1) - is filled to the brim. The song uses textures, layers, sounds, horns, guitar, hand percussions to create an experimental pop track that soars.

Hanson is a master of balancing crescendos and restraint, push and pull and the production on this track is remarkable. It's a head nodder at times, but one that displays a subtle, intricate touch. Instead of using the infectious beat, Hanson moves the song all over the map. In just four-minutes he touches on electro hip hop, Tom Waits stomp percussion, 80's pop, and tribal rhythms, but manages to blend them seamlessly and never overpowers his vocals. If this track is any indication of his upcoming release, look out.

So why am I bringing up this terrific artist from SK? Well, on Sept. 5th, he's going to be sharing the stage with two Haligonian outfits that herohill has showered with… love and coverage. These Hands are on a bill with Rich Aucoin and First-Aid Kit (along with Pete Samples) and for a meager $5 you can see them all.

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