Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reviews:: Glory Glory Man United - Friends Of The Seen

I'll be honest, considering I'm an Arsenal fan (as an aside, NASRI!), naming your band after a famous chant sung by fans of one of the Gunners main rivals is not the best way to get coverage on the hill. But hey, I'm not petty enough to let something like that bother me...scratch that, I actually am. However, I hear that despite the name, Glory Glory Man United aren't really soccer fans. More importantly, I really enjoy their new EP Friends Of The Scene, so I figured it was only right to share it with you fine folks.

This Halifax three-piece have been playing together since 2005, touring Atlantic Canada aplenty, and releasing a self-titled EP in 2007. This new release marks their first endeavour for Halifax's From Here To There Records, and as I said, it's a good one. Produced by Halifax heavy hitter Jon Epworth, Friends Of The Seen strikes the right balance between heavy and melodic to have me listening to it repeatedly over the last couple days.

Their bio suggests that fans of Wintersleep and The Weakerthans would be into GGMU, but for me the Wintersleep connection makes much more sense. Both groups have a bottom-heavy groove, provided in GGMU's case by Ryan Brown's relentless drum work, and the uptempo interplay between Gavin Maclean and Adam Warren on bass & guitar respectively. I think it's Warren that handles lead vocal duties, and he does a fine job (with frequent and capable harmonic assistance from Brown and Maclean), giving the songs a warm, appealing feel despite the heaviness of the backing tracks.

Friends Of The Seen is only five songs, but a quality five songs they are. Jangly guitars and kinetic bass propel Hey You along at a good clip before the sing-along chorus kicks in to seal the deal. Rhythm Never Breaks starts with only vocals over guitar before harmonies and the full band sound kicks in - I think the fact this song has lodged itself fairly comfortably in my head is a good sign. How Many starts off as a poppy ode to a lusty fling, before shifting to a more sombre mood, as lusty flings often do.

Here's the bottom line for GGMU: if they can convert me, in five easy steps (and/or songs), from a skeptic of their Mancunian-centric name, to a repeat listener eager to hear a full-length release from them, I think they're a band worth recommending. So consider them recommended.

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