Friday, August 8, 2008

Reviews:: The Great Outdoors Summer EP

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"Summer time and the living is eeeeeasy", or at least it should be for Adam Nation, Steve Wells and the other members of The Great Outdoors. Keeping up with their EP for all seasons project, they have delivered a 4-song EP dedicated to the season, but it's not full of the relaxation and summer romance we forget as we get older.

Instead The Great Outdoors takes a different approach and fills the tracks with a surprising amount of grit and muscle, like the feedback filled, road trip ready The Last Day of Vacation and the country fried anthem Maybe Time Will Tell. Really, only Give Everything floats by; it takes on a Nick Drake vibe with terrific harmonies from Melissa Devosty, but even that light ditty swells to add a bit more depth to the track.

Summer in the City exposes all of the grit and grime of a Vancouver summer. Sunset walks along the Sea Wall are fine, but rawkus nights and fogged filled mornings are more the norm for most of us. The Summer EP is a big step away from the folk driven songs the collective has been putting out, but it's also welcome change. As so often is the case in the summer months, long days in the sun escalate as the nights cool and these songs get louder and opt for good times over formal civilities.


The Great Outdoors - Summer in the City
The Great Outdoors - Give Everything

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At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Adam Nation is the new Big Kahuna of my summer '08. Thank Zeus that big toothed god came down from Olympus to drop more tunes on us. Keep it up boys!


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