Monday, September 15, 2008

Old School Mondays:: X-Clan & Ice Cube

We're a little delayed with OSM today due to some Internet funkiness, so let's get right to it. Last week the Ack had an OSM request, he wanted to hear the Ice Cube jam that sampled X-Clan - "Stomping, walking in my big black boots" - if you listened to any old Ice Cube at all, you know what song I mean. The song is of course, When Will They Shoot? from Cube's solid 1992 effort The Predator. Now I love that song, so I would've posted the song regardless, but seeing as how Ack's Irish whipped up on my beloved Wolverines, well he certainly deserves to have his say (Note from Ack: Even I will admit this was the most interesting thing about the game - I wish I had the clip of the priest freaking out freaking out).

To go along with it we have the song that originated the sample, Grand Verbalizer from the X-Clan. Turns out Brother-J actually says "stalking, walking in my big black boots", and all this time I was saying "stomping". How embarrassing! But I wasn't reall up on all things X-Clan back in the day, I think I felt they were a little gimmicky, or they kind of scared me, can't recall which at this point. I liked when Professor X (R.I.P.) did his whole "SISSIES!!!" thing, as it's always funny calling someone a sissy, but that wasn't on every jam. This particular jam however uses the Average White Band/Eric B. & Rakim Microphone Fiend beat, and it's mighty funky.

Anyway, I was tempted to leave it things at those two songs and call it a day. But I've said this before, and I'll repeat it here: I used to love me some Cube. That is likely hard for the kids to comprehend, as they know Cube as the Are We There Yet, family fun movies guy, or even worse, the "put your back into it" guy. But there was a time when he was very angry, and very awesome. So invariably, whenever I go looking for an Ice Cube song, I end up listening to a ton of them.

So long story short, I couldn't leave it at one song from Predator, so as a bonus you also get Wicked and the original version of Check Yo Self. As far as Wicked goes, it is simply one of the hypest Golden Age jams I can think of. The beat is crazy, and has the mysterious Don Jaquar freaking out on the chorus. Also, it also made me think that Ice Cube likely didn't hate white people that much if he had Anthony Kiedis and Flea in his video. I know what you're thinking about Check Yo Self - why would I include the original version, when the remix is the best re-use of "The Message" in history? Simple really, I'm planning to use the remix in another version of OSM. So don't worry, you'll hear it, but the original also has a pretty solid beat (that may or may not have been done by Muggs). So anyway, some solid jams here, enjoy.

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