Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick hitters:: Boats


We are slowly and surely plodding along with our Manitoba edition of the Canadian Mixtape Project. We've got a few sure bets - like The Western States, The Paperbacks, The Details and Grand Analog - and some potential first round picks like Oldfolks Home, but there are still lots of open roster spots. Another band we stumbled on that won us over is the electro fused quirky pop of Boats.

Hand claps, keyboards, and nice drums all mesh with Mat Klachefsky's high pitched vocals; I'd love to just call this music pretty, but that seems like such a toss away descriptor. Every song on their last record - the awesomely named Intercontinental Champ - sounds terrific as they fuse indie pop with enough experimentation to satisfy the most crusty critic or fickle fan. The xylophone and backing vocals that end the perfect 500% are just the tip of the iceberg with this band, as every sound they add to the mix fits together like a well stacked Jenja tower.

The staccato blips that start Classic Rock Weekend or the head nodding beat of The Dream of the Dentist showcase Mat's bedroom pop origins, but the big bass lines and heavy strummed acoustic riffs that fill out the tracks are what cover you for the pin. We've always said that the point of these mixtapes was to unearth some of the best unknown indie bands in Canada, and honestly, if Manitoba only opened our ears to Boats, we'd consider this a success. I missed this record in 2007, but it still sounds as good as anything I've heard in a long time, and you'd be a fool to not check these guys out.

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At 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Here are some good Manitoba artists for you:
The Ripperz:
The Waking Eyes:
Del Barber:
Codename The Sharks:


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